PCP raises concern on threats against Filipino photojournalist


The Photojournalists' Center of the Philippines raises concern over the threats being received by Filipino photojournalist Jes Aznar after he was accused of allegedly posting live videos of government troops during a military operation in Marawi.

Mr.  Aznar has clarified through different channels that the video he took was never posted live. He understands the consequences of such action and would never jeopardize the lives of troops by revealing their position.Aznar emphasized that he went to Marawi bound by his duty as a journalist to keep the public informed.

PCP denounces the repeated attacks on media practitioners who have been bravely doing their duty in the midst of dangerous situations.

We demand an end to the vicious attacks and the false information designed to tarnish the reputation of journalists.

We call on the authorities to ensure that the rights of Mr. Aznar and other Filipino photojournalists covering the conflict are respected.