Pinoy photojournalist wins SOPA 2018 Awards for Editorial Excellence


The Photojournalists’ Center of the Philippines, Inc. (PCP) congratulates Fernando G. Sepe, Jr. Deputy Editor for ABS-CBN News Digital Media’s multimedia unit for winning the award for Excellence in Feature Writing at the Society of Publishers in Asia's (SOPA) 2018 Awards for Editorial Excellence held in Hong Kong on June 13, 2018.

Sepe was recognized for his report "Healing the wounds from the drug war” published by ABS-CBN News Digital in July 2017. The report evaluates the impacts of extra-judicial killings on families left behind by the victims.

SOPA 2018 judges describe the report as a “Poignant portrayal of the victims of Duterte's brutal war on drugs, and of the people and organizations trying to help them.

Beautifully photographed and presented, this is the human story of the impact of the Philippines' latest flirtation with authoritarianism.”

PCP, Inc. laud Mr. Sepe, member and former Chairperson, for his unwavering commitment in raising awareness and rousing vigilance among the public by publishing relevant stories of our time.

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