Focusing on rights

Our organization managed to hold several activities throughout the first half that focused on several inalienable rights that broadened our perspective as journalists, but at the same time strengthened our capacity as well to deal with situations during coverages. 


The PCP held a three-day workshop supported by the Commission on Human Rights on the coverage of human rights issues and the knowledge necessary to properly approach a very sensitive issue in our country right now. Experts from different fields conducted presentations that enhanced the skills and background of the participants on how to handle stories without compromising the truth.


After a gender sensitivity training with international non-government organization Oxfam in March, participants to the workshop were given a travel grant to several areas throughout the country to document communities facing gender issues.

The photographs from the travel grant were then exhibited on March 22-24 at QCX in Quezon City Memorial Circle in time with Oxfam's Her Vote Matters symposium in celebration of International Women's Month.


On occasion of World Press Freedom Day on May 3, the PCP was privileged to hold an exhibition ahead of the date, on April 29, during a reception night hosted by the British and Canadian embassies at the Ateneo De Manila University. The group mounted an exhibit together with Stefan Rousseau, Chief Political Photographer at the Press Association, who was the special guest of the British embassy for this event.

With these events, the PCP was able to broaden its understanding on the issues of human rights, gender equality and media rights, all critical areas of coverage in our country right now.

The group is dedicated to further enhance the capabilities of its members and the community it belongs to. It launched the PCP Continuing Enrichment Program which has had two outings, in June and recently this August.

The 14th Professional Photography and Documentary Workshop has been scheduled for October 23 to 27 this year. Every year, important topics relevant to the rights and ethics of photojournalists deemed critical in coverages are discussed during the five-day workshop.