Shining light on press freedom


For an administration that purports itself to be busy with the major problems of the country, such as imported drugs on our coastlines, improper management of resources that has led to a water crisis, and a tax law that has burdened the population with increasing prices of basic commodities, going after the media seems to be a major preoccupation.

From ownership cases to libel cases, surely the Duterte administration has made efficient use of the law to run after journalists who have been critical of its governance.

We ask, ‘where is Peter Lim?’ We ask, ‘why is Michael Yang scot-free?’ We ask, ‘what are we going to do with candidates violating election laws?’ We ask, ‘why are the Chinese free to lord it over our seas and even on construction sites?’

Aren’t these and many other issues besetting the Filipino people covered by pertinent laws of our land the government can use to assert its influence?

That the Duterte administration has been selective of its application of its immense power is clear as day and night.We in the media are tasked to expose this. This is why we need press freedom. This is why we need to continue to defend democracy.

The visual recording of what is happening in our country is paramount in writing the annals of our history.

We at the Photojournalists’ Center of the Philippines will continue to use light as a beacon.