BOOK: Mysteries of Chance


Mysteries of Chance is a visual feast of the personal and the political, the poetic and the prosaic, and the pure and the profane, showcasing compelling work from some the country’s finest photojournalists and documentary photographers.

This rare collection of images comes at a time when there's increasing acceptance of how instant gratification permeates every aspect of our lives and the way bland spectacles dominate our collective mindspace. But this anthology begs to differ, as it zeroes in on the startlingly unique in the midst of ubiquity and depicts the eternal intangibles that define humanity: joy and tragedy, hope and despair, fortune and folly. Each picture in this book illustrates a collision between chance and timing, capturing the biggest mystery of all: life itself.

"Static Grain" by Alex Baluyut
From the mountains of the Cordilleras to the conflict areas in Mindanao, Alex chronicles how the human spirit triumphs over war and forced development.

"Mistica" by Al Benavente
A quest to understand the baffling practices of a century-old religious sect leads Al to follow a Rizalista priestess and her community of followers.

"Mendiola Massacre" by Luis Liwanag
Armed only with a small camera and sharp instincts, Luis gets entangled with the political upheaval of the 1980s and discovers just how courageous the heart can be.

"The Mangyan Photographs" by Jose Raymond DG Panaligan
A decade’s worth of immersion with the Mangyans of Mindoro opened Raymond’s eyes to the economic, social and cultural struggles of this indigenous tribe.

"Life’s Arcade: Quiapo" by Rick Rocamora
Quiapo is identified with grime and crime, but Rick uncovers its charm by delving into the intimate stories of its colorful inhabitants.

"Consider the Lilies" by Sonny Yabao
With his enigmatic point of view, Sonny reveals the extraordinary from everyday scenes in the Laguna countryside.

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